About OutSystems

OutSystems provides a modern application platform that enables organizations of all sizes to deftly tackle any kind of critical application – from legacy modernization and workplace innovation to customer experience transformation.

The OutSystems modern application platform’s high productivity, connected, and AI-assisted tools help developers rapidly build and deploy a full range of applications anywhere the organization requires.

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OutSystems combines visual, model-driven development with AI, cloud, and DevOps to deliver a modern application platform at enterprise level

It provides a fast and comprehensive way to create, deploy, change, and manage custom mobile and web applications - delivered seamlessly across all devices

OutSystems manages the complete application lifecycle of large portfolios at over 1400 enterprise organizations in 60 countries across 22 industries

Change requires innovation, and even fast-moving companies can fall behind on getting innovative ideas to market. Why? Because innovation is hard. In this ebook, learn how you can innovate through modern application software and read about specific use cases and the projects therein.

How fast is your organization when it comes to change? Are you able to pivot quickly or even take the business in a completely different direction? Our partner, OutSystems completed their seventh annual survey of IT professionals, which took place just as the global pandemic was taking hold, probed for answers on this topic.

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