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Since our inception in 2017, Aaseya has used its collective experience to create a set of solutions and accelerators to help customers jumpstart their Low Code initiatives.

Our solutions and accelerators are available to all customers that engage with us and take the form of a licence free work product.

Aaseya Inspection Solution (AIS)

Aaseya AMME

In today's complex and ever-evolving landscape, efficient and comprehensive inspection management is the linchpin that upholds safety standards, regulatory compliance, and the well-being of individuals and communities. The quality and efficiency of inspections directly impact safety, compliance, and citizen welfare, making the choice of the ideal solution pivotal.
At Aaseya, we are thrilled to introduce Aaseya Inspection Solution (AIS) – a revolutionary platform engineered to redefine inspections, ensuring safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.


Aaseya AIMS

Aaseya Incident Management System (AIMS) helps organisations in accelerating the life cycle of a support incident from inception to closure. The solution provides ticket creation, enrichment, assignment, routing & escalation, however, it also auto creates incidents from logs and leverages Pega Robotics to fix repetitive issues while continuously monitoring a customer’s Pega environments.


Aaseya Zoning

Aaseya Zoning is an automated Text Highlighter within documents, to aid the identification of key data in scanned documents. This application also provides automatic data extraction from common image documents and formats

SAP Agility Suite

Aaseya SAP Agility Suite

Aaseya SAP agility suite provides a Connected Case Management integration ready platform for your SAP or SAP HANA Platform. This platform brings agility to your SAP Enterprise, whilst maintaining the strength and power of your SAP implementation. The combined expertise of YASH and Aaseya, allows you to engage experts in these platforms and implement a set of accelerators to solve your business problems.

Data Streaming with Amazon Kinesis

Aaseya Data Streaming with Amazon Kinesis

Aaseya data streaming with Amazon Kinesis is a solution to stream live data to cater to the requirements around real-time analytics and real-time dashboards for BI reporting. Leveraging the Pega Infinity Platform Data flows for streaming the data and the AWS Kinesis Service, this enables reporting across your work/case base data combined with other organisational repositories.

OutSystems Digital Forms

Aaseya OutSystems Digital Forms

Aaseya’s OutSystems digital forms solution allows organisations to replace paper & static forms with an intelligent digital solution that configures and manages forms across the enterprise. Capturing the right data and routing to the right individual to execute the work, delivers significant savings across the organisation.


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“Pega has engaged Aaseya as its go-to partner to assist the Global Customer Support (GCS) Team. We selected Aaseya based on Aaseya’s product expertise and consultant competency. Today 20+ Aaseya consultants work with our APAC and North American GCS teams helping meet customer expectations and SLAs. The Aaseya engagement is underpinned by strong executive governance and collaboration.”

Daniel K Österberg-Holm, Vice President, Partner Ecosystem & Specialist Sales, EMEA, Pega

“Over the past two years Aaseya has grown to be a trusted and valued partner, helping us to deliver a recent flagship project in exacting timescales and much more besides. From developing and implementing enhancements to our core debt advice system, to assisting us with innovations in lead technical market trends, their flexibility and expertise has been invaluable.”

Lorna Allan - CIO, StepChange Debt Charity

“CMC Markets has been working with our offshore Aaseya development team from August 2020 on various projects, most notably a new Financial Crime Team review process to provide us with efficiencies around client onboarding and various technical projects to improve our guardrail scores and CRM upgrade compliance. We have been able to flex the offshore model up and down in line with our changing requirements which has been very useful.”

Stuart Roberts – Head of CRM and Web Development, CMC Markets Plc

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